Monday, January 10, 2011

New PodCast Available

The YouBarbershop Show (formerly YouCast) starts its 3rd season with a recent interview with the Great British Barbershop Boys and reflections on the past year. Available on iTunes or your favorite Podcast Aggregator.

The RSS Feed for a Podcast Receiver/Aggregator (or, for iTunes) is:

Subscribing through iTunes will show you the new PodCast (YouCast The YouBarbershop Show 3.01, GBBB - apparently, it only updates the podcast master list every week or so).



  1. Great show guys. It's great to hear barbershop talked about without fluff by insiders. Your news about Maxx Factor and the Sing-off lead to some conclusions that are either maddening or confusing, though. In the first season, the Tufts Beelzebubs performed several arrangements that were already in their repertoire (Magical Mystery Tour and Come Sail Away were already recorded on a previous album). Perhaps other groups I'm less familiar with did as well. So was Maxx Factor not allowed to sing ANY of their own music, while other groups were? If that's the case, it would be a particularly egregious case of favoritism on the part of the producers of the show. Or were the groups perhaps allowed to sing their own stuff up to a certain round, after which the groups were given charts to sing? Forgive me if this has been explained elsewhere.

  2. Not gonna help to post as Anonymous, but haven't any of other classifications. When I click on Download The Magazine button, I get the long-oval with blue in the middle & "Done" in very lower left. No Download! Maybe I need to wait 1-6 hrs for current issue? Thought I'd subscribed; may need to do so again. This posted 4-7-2011.